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  • Analytical Reference Materials International Metal Alloy Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)

Analytical Reference Materials International Metal Alloy Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)

ISO 17043:2010, Annex A Compliant, Model 2 Scheme

Our unique metal alloy Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) is the only program that measures analytical performance against a CRM’s “Assigned Value”, and has been used in the metals industry for more than 30 years. This PTP was developed as an alternative to typical round-robin style proficiency testing schemes, which only measure performance with non-certified materials. Our PTP is compliant with ISO 17043:2010, Annex A as a Model 2 scheme.

It is important to monitor the quality of your analytical results, as stipulated in the ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation process. Our PTP gives you that ability with an unbiased and confidential assessment of your analytical performance against peer performance. Whether you have a single-instrument or a multiple-instrument/multiple-technique environment, our PTP is a trouble-free QA program that is traceable to NIST values, and can be easily integrated into your lab processes.

Why choose the Analytical Reference Materials International PTP?

  • Large library of materials—over 380 metal alloys and many aluminum alloys
  • Participants data compared to assigned value (test samples are actual CRMs)
  • Results are returned fast--within 72 hours
  • Results presented in a one-page report with a single statistical graph

How it works:

  • You select the date and frequency (monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually).
  • You choose the type of material by matrix group and sample configuration (solids, chips or pins).
  • We send you a blind sample from our stock of CRMs based on your selection. 
  • You analyze the blind sample, and email or fax your results to us.
  • You receive your report within 72 hours.  All results are confidential.

Available Matrix Groups:

  • CS- Carbon Steel
  • NI- Nickel Alloy
  • LAS- Low Alloy Steel
  • CO- Cobalt Alloy
  • TS- Tool Steel
  • ALW- Wrought Aluminum Alloy
  • SS- Stainless Steel
  • ALF- Foundry Aluminum Alloy
  • HTS- High Temp. Steel
  • MG- Magnesium Alloy
  • CU- Copper Alloy
  • ZN- Zinc Alloy
  • TI- Titanium Alloy
  • OT- Other

Your report will include:

Value of participation in a proficiency testing program:

  • Monitor & improve measurements
  • Demonstrate analytical competence
  • Develop and train analysts
  • Method and instrument validation

For more information, please contact us at PTP@ARMI.com.



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