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Brewing Analytes - Chemistry (BAPSCHEM)

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  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • The LGC BAPS scheme is jointly run by LGC Proficiency Testing and Campden BRI, promoting quality in the measurement of chemical and sensory analytes in real beer.
  • Routine and complex chemical tests for quality control and product characterisation are available in our lager and ale test materials.
  • For sensory analysis, participants evaluate various aroma and taste characteristics of real beers and can compare their results with the Campden BRI sensory panel that provide an expert profile for the sample to enable immediate training of panels if required.
  • For laboratories that perform the analysis of beer, participation in BAPS can provide confidence that results are meaningful and accurate which in turn, helps to ensure consistency in the quality of beer and integrity of the brand.
  • Scheme operates from January to December


Round dates


Despatch Date

Reporting Deadline

BA30121 Jan 201922 Feb 2019
BA30218 Feb 201922 Mar 2019
BA30415 Apr 201917 May 2019
BA30520 May 201921 Jun 2019
BA30617 Jun 201919 Jul 2019
BA30715 Jul 201916 Aug 2019
BA30819 Aug 201920 Sep 2019
BA30923 Sep 201925 Oct 2019
BA31021 Oct 201922 Nov 2019
BA31118 Nov 201920 Dec 2019
BA31216 Dec 201917 Jan 2020



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